Curriculum in English


Jocelyn Parra

Academic training

Film and TV School- Specialization in audiovisuals 2006

Nueva Esparta University – Degree in Computing Science 2005

Rodríguez Paz College – Bachelor of Humanities 1997


Spanish (native language)

English advanced level

21 years of experience in audiovisual industry

I am part of the following audiovisual production teams in Dominican Republic, Venezuela and many others:

De Jesus Crane Diciembre 2020- present

Video Assist

Metadata 2015 – Present (Dominican Republic)

DIT / Data Loader

Cinequipos 2011-2015 (Caracas, Venezuela)

DIT / Data Loader, Video Assist, Second Camera Assistant, Teleprompter Operator, On-Site Editing of Commercials

Si Señor Films 2013-2015 (Caracas, Venezuela)

DIT / Data Loader, Video Assist.

Unocuatro Rental 2013 -2015 (Caracas, Venezuela)

DIT / Data loader, Video Assist, Production assistant. 2011 -2015 (Caracas, Venezuela)

DIT / Data loader, Video Assist, Production Assistant, Editing of wedding documentaries, children’s documentaries and corporate events.

Warner Bros. 2011-2015 (Caracas, Venezuela)

Corina Deseda’s official photographer, Marketing manager for film premieres.

Neutral Density Production Company 2010 -2015 (Caracas, Venezuela)

DIT / Data Loader, Video Assist, director’s assistant and production assistant in video clips, commercials, and audiovisuals

Inversiones Belfort 2025 2010 -2015 (Caracas, Venezuela)

DIT / Loader, Video Assist, Production Assistant, on set editing, video clip editing, commercials, documentaries and various audiovisuals, Director Rubén Belfort’s Assistant.

Producciones Contextus April 2012 to 2015 (Caracas, Venezuela)

DIT / Data Loader of all the parts produced by Contextus for different clients

Interlead 321 January 2011 to January 2012 (Caracas, Venezuela)

Data Loader, Production Assistant, Editing news reports for CNN in Spanish.

Pulido Group 2011 to 2013 (Caracas, Venezuela)

DIT / Data Loader Feature Films and Commercials.

Profit Producciones 2011 to 2012 (Caracas, Venezuela)

Official photographer of all events and concerts.

Mission “Negra Hipólita” Foundation 2009-2011 (Caracas, Venezuela)

Production, Direction and Edition of micros, commercials, press releases, documentaries, news, records, digitization and media manager.

Virus Cinematografico 2009-2010 (Caracas, Venezuela)

Edition and On-set edition.

Fantini Cinematographic Studio 2007-2009 (Caracas, Venezuela)

Editing of commercials, corporate, micros, making off of feature films, short films, music videos, Actors and Models reel’s, director’s assistant, production.

IAEM entity of the Ministry of Popular Power for Culture 2005-2006

Production assistant at various cultural festivals, bilingual guide and translator.

Free Lance ( various production companies) 2005-2009 (Caracas, Venezuela)

director’s assistant, production assistant , camera assistant, editing assistant on commercials, feature films, short films, music videos, corporate and institutional, audiovisual

Estudios Cantor 2004-2009 (Caracas, Venezuela)

Sound assistant, editing in short films and commercials.

Creativos Audiovisuales 2001-2002 (Caracas, Venezuela)

director’s assistant and production assistant in commercials.

Raffaldi Film Maker 1999-2001 (Caracas, Venezuela)

Production and director’s assistant, sound assistant in commercials, short films and institutional.